BBYOpen Offers API Update: Digital Insert

by John Bernier on 9/19/2012

Upcoming BBYOpen 2012 Release 6

When we told you about our recent enhancements to our offers offerings (say that three times fast!), we also told you to keep your eyes open for even more improvements. Well, that’s what this release is bringing you. As usual, there are some under-the-covers updates that make the API even better, but the change that you will really notice is the inclusion of your Sunday newspaper inside the API.

“How did you manage to accomplish that?” you may ask. Well, to be honest, it’s not the complete paper, just the weekly Best Buy circular. OK, OK, it’s not the paper circular itself; it’s the information within the circular. What does all this mean? When we announced offers, we told you about two values for offers.type : special_offer and featured_offer. With this release, you have a third option, digital_insert. All of the products listed nation-wide, and that are on sale or have free shipping, will have offers.type set to digital_insert. These products will also have values for offers.startDate and offers.endDate, so you know which weekly circular they are in.

If you want to find out which products Best Buy is featuring in its circular this week, you can use the following query string:


Why look at the start and end dates? Some circulars might end a day early or be extended a bit. Better to be safe!

We hope this gives your customers some more special deals to consider. Keep watching for even more offers offerings!

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