We told you a little while back how excited we are to be sponsoring the upcoming LAUNCH Hackathon in San Francisco, and also how much we'd like to see you there. With the big event drawing nearer, here's a little more info on what we'll be doing at LAUNCH and where you can find us.

  • We'll have a five-person team on hand when the hackathon kicks off on February 27, including members of our API Product, Product Development and E-Commerce teams.
  • API Product Manager Kristen Womack will present an overview of Best Buy and our LAUNCH participation during the opening ceremony.
  • Lead Web Developer Jenn Kaplan from our API team will lead a workshop/webinar about Best Buy's APIs and our Query Builder tool.

  • Our juried prize giveaway for developers will include Best Buy gift cards and some exciting tech prizes that we're keeping secret for now.
  • We'll have a Best Buy Express kiosk on hand and ready to vend accessories, small devices and other tech gear.

That's a pretty enticing array, if we do say so ourselves. We're pumped up for this hackathon and we hope you are too. See you soon in San Francisco!

For more information check out our Hackathon Guide.

We talk a lot in this space about the inner workings Best Buy's APIs, but we haven't focused as much on our APIs in action. We recently received a lovely communication from Dr. Christopher Payne, of the Sustainable Federal Operations group at Berkeley Lab in California, directing us to his colleague, Dr. Brian Gerke. Dr. Gerke has been making great use of the Best Buy API in Berkeley Lab’s [Energy Efficiency Standards Group](http://efficiency.lbl.gov/), a multidisciplinary aggregate of researchers that supports the US Department of Energy in developing energy efficiency standards that "achieve the maximum improvement in energy efficiency that is both technologically feasible and economically justified."

Join Best Buy at the LAUNCH Hackathon

by Ira Brooker on 2/12/2015

As we've talked about before, the Best Buy API team loves hackathons, and we're excited to keep on expanding our presence in the hackosphere. That's why Best Buy is a proud sponsor of the upcoming [LAUNCH Hackathon](http://launch2015.challengepost.com/) in San Francisco.

Bidding Adieux to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom

by Jay Myers and Ira Brooker on 02/06/2015

Back in early 2012, our Emerging Channels/BBY Open group set off on a journey to explore our product data in a unique way utilizing semantic web and linked data technologies to extract insight from the large amounts of product data we had available to us.

One of the coolest things about being part of the Best Buy API team is the regular opportunity to interact with some of the brightest tech minds of our day. That includes our travels to hackathons and other national events, of course, but we're also frequently reminded that there's plenty of incredible talent right here on our home turf in Minnesota.


We're happy to announce we've upgraded Best Buy [Recommendations API](/documentation/recommendations-api) with two new enhancements. First, you can now request the “Most Popular” endpoint by Category. Second, we have included our most commonly used product attributes in the response document for all of our Recommendation endpoints.

We'll be at the Future of Web Apps and Ultimate Developer Hack in Boston 10/27-10/30. Come find us - we'll have a charging station at our booth (because your laptop/tablet/phone probably won't last all day… they never do at events like this). We are also bringing a Best Buy Express kiosk (in case you forgot your headphones and need tunes while you hack).

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