Query by Product Attributes

by Julie Muraski on 03/26/2015

Best Buy has 200+ attributes and most are querable. We detail the Products API attributes in our Products API documentation. The attributes are sorted into like attributes. As an example, all attributes that describe a product are in our Detail section; or anything related to pricing is in our Pricing and Sales Ranking section.

You can query across most of our attributes (those attributes that are not querable are identified in the Attribute Detail section of each attribute.) Your queries can involve multiple attributes in a single request. This allows users to search for information about the product itself rather than Best Buy's internal documentation. This means searchers aren't limited to Best Buy info like SKU and sub-categories, and instead can search real-world concepts like refrigerator storage size or laptop memory. These searches can also be combined to produce richer and more specific results.

Example: a TV search can be refined to return only products top-rated by our customers, with a screen size greater than 40" and less than 50" at a store within 50 miles of the searcher. That's some impressive specificity, if we do say so ourselves.

Anatomy of a Request

    baseURL : `http://api.remix.bestbuy.com/v1/`
     storeQuery : `stores(area(55423,5))`
     productQuery : `+products(categoryPath.id=abcat0100000&customerReviewAverage>=4&customerReviewCount>=50&screenSizeIn>=40&screenSizeIn<=50)`
     APIKey : `?apiKey=YourAPIKey`
     showOptions : `&show=name,products.sku,products.name,products.customerReviewCount,products.customerReviewAverage,products.screenSizeIn`
     responseFormat : `&format=json`

Full URL

     fullURL : `http://api.remix.bestbuy.com/v1/stores(area(55423,5))+products(categoryPath.id=abcat0100000&customerReviewAverage>=4&customerReviewCount>=50&screenSizeIn>=40&screenSizeIn<=50)?apiKey=YourAPIKey&show=name,products.sku,products.name,products.customerReviewCount,products.customerReviewAverage,products.screenSizeIn&format=json`

We saw so many hacker teams doing so much incredible work during our adventures at this year’s LAUNCH Hackathon in San Francisco that we’re still reeling from the possibilities. Devs from around the country convened to make creative use of APIs from Best Buy and other retailers. You can see all of the innovation on display here, but we also wanted to spotlight five of our favorites.


by Julie Muraski on 03/16/2015

Facets query is another of the coolest, well, facets of the Best Buy API. Querying by facets allows users to aggregate product information by any attribute - color, size, manufacturer and so on. Users can also limit the number of results returned, in case you're looking for only the top five or ten items within a facet.

A View from the LAUNCH Hackathon

by Ira Brooker on 03/12/2015

Representatives from the Best Buy API team have just wrapped up a week in sunny San Francisco (and those of us back in ice-bound Minnesota weren’t the least bit envious) for the annual LAUNCH Hackathon.

The crowd at last week’s LAUNCH Hackathon in San Francisco got a cool walk-through of our Query Builder tool, and we thought it only fair to let you all share in that experience. Follow along with Lead Developer Jenn Kaplan and learn a little more about how to build a query for Best Buy’s multiple APIs, including Stores, Products, Recommendations and more.

Searching for Products Using the IN Operator

by Julie Muraski on 03/03/2015

Searching for products using an API can be frustrating, especially when you're looking for more than one item at a time and don't have time to enter your query over and over. The Best Buy [Products API](/documentation/products-api) is designed to ease the pain, with multiple product search built in.

We talk a lot in this space about the inner workings Best Buy's APIs, but we haven't focused as much on our APIs in action. We recently received a lovely communication from Dr. Christopher Payne, of the Sustainable Federal Operations group at Berkeley Lab in California, directing us to his colleague, Dr. Brian Gerke. Dr. Gerke has been making great use of the Best Buy API in Berkeley Lab’s [Energy Efficiency Standards Group](http://efficiency.lbl.gov/), a multidisciplinary aggregate of researchers that supports the US Department of Energy in developing energy efficiency standards that "achieve the maximum improvement in energy efficiency that is both technologically feasible and economically justified."

Join Best Buy at the LAUNCH Hackathon

by Ira Brooker on 2/12/2015

As we've talked about before, the Best Buy API team loves hackathons, and we're excited to keep on expanding our presence in the hackosphere. That's why Best Buy is a proud sponsor of the upcoming [LAUNCH Hackathon](http://launch2015.challengepost.com/) in San Francisco.

Bidding Adieux to the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom

by Jay Myers and Ira Brooker on 02/06/2015

Back in early 2012, our Emerging Channels/BBY Open group set off on a journey to explore our product data in a unique way utilizing semantic web and linked data technologies to extract insight from the large amounts of product data we had available to us.

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