Meet the APIs

APIs are powering business in ways we couldn't have imagined not so long ago. Best Buy's easy-to-use catalog of APIs gives users access to a wide range of data across the history of, including product, store, category and more. Come on in and build a query, dig into our data and join the Best Buy API community.

Products API

Sure, Best Buy is about more than the products we sell, but we know that's what most folks are here for. The Best Buy Products API provides a simple, REST-based interface for our entire product catalog, past and present. This includes pricing, availability, specifications, descriptions, and images for more than one million current and historical products. Most product information is updated near real-time, including product pricing.

Categories API

The Best Buy catalog covers a lot of ground. That's a good thing, but it can also be daunting to navigate. Our Categories API allows you to traverse the many categories on BESTBUY.COM and perform product searches based on category names or identifiers. The Categories API also allows you to search for specific product attributes within a specific category (example: TVs less than $100), search using multiple product attributes within a specific category (example: TVs released in the last year that are less than $100) or look at Best Buy taxonomy to better search and present Best Buy product data (example: HD TVs released in the last year that are less than $100).

Stores API

Looking for data on Best Buy stores? Our Stores API provides addresses, location, hours and services offered for all Best Buy stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, including Best Buy Mobile locations and Best Buy Express kiosks. You can even query the Products API together with the Stores API to find in-store availability of products.

Recommendations API

The Best Buy Recommendations API is just the ticket when you want to make relevant, timely product suggestions. Our API allows you to easily pull our Trending, Most Viewed and Also Viewed products based on customer behavior at BESTBUY.COM.

Buying Options API

Provides access to our Open Box inventory including condition, reduced prices and other helpful product information.

Commerce API (Invite Only)

Provides seamless purchasing and product fulfillment through at home delivery or in-store pick-up for partner e-commerce sites and web-based businesses.